What Points To The Need For Hormone Therapy

Men or women need to have a sufficient measure of the different hormones in their body at all times.  It is also very important that the correct ratios of the different hormones are maintained for the healthy functioning of a person.  When there is a deficiency of the hormones or that hormonal levels are low or could be that the ratios of occurrence of the hormones are altered, and then it would be suited to resort to hormone therapy to bring the system under control.hormone therapy

The use of hormones to bring about a balance between the contributing constituents or the different constituents of the hormonal soup is what is referred to hormonal therapy.  The men and the women differ in the use and make up as far as the hormones are concerned.  Thus a balancing act for the women folk could well be different to what the men folk experience.

How hormone therapy seeks to correct imbalances in levels of hormones

The function of the hormones is open to debate even after having come across the effects of the hormones a long way back.  It is thus a very subjective field and in a lot of instances, the supporting features and characteristics is what point to the need for a bit of hormones than any direct element to the therapy.

            General weakness: When someone does complain of a general sense of weakness and lethargy and there could not be a contributing factor at sight then it could well be the contribution of the poor hormones. It thus makes for a good case for a hormonal treatment and is so resorted to under strict supervision.

If indeed a condition of general weakness is brought about by the changes in hormone levels then the respite and recovery does occur immediately.  This thus is a good sign that a person is provided with immediate relief on being given hormone shots.  But it is also important that the treatment regimen is continued for a sufficient period of time to have any lasting effect.

            Loss of muscle mass: One of the main functions of hormones is to maintain a healthy muscle body.  This means that the natural process of loss of muscle tissue that any healthy person undergoes is compensated by a gain in muscle to keep equilibrium.  When this delicate balance is disturbed, as is the case in old age, the person looses weight and muscle structure.

It is usually an accepted fact that as people age there is a certain loss of firmness and muscle mass.  But when this reaches a certain level that alarm bells rings, then it is necessary to have a look at corrective steps like hormonal therapy.hormone therapy

At times the loss of muscle mass is accompanied by bone density loss as well.  The two symptoms generally go hand in hand and the normal hormone shots do make a good difference to the condition of the person over time.  The nature of this treatment is that a slow and steady introduction of the hormones is necessary to allow the body to get used to the new levels of hormones.