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In the last some weeks, Tiktok which is the popular video sharing application has been banned and then unbanned in India. This litigation was completely a public interest based and this is why this has got against the china owned application which has been led to the Madras court stating that this encourages pornography and is a degraded culture.

This ligation has dedicated the center to ban the application. Previously the apps were removed from Apple stores and well as from the play store Google but now the court has lifted the case and the apps are available on both stores now.  The court has given a warning to ByteDance, the developer of Tiktok that if any of the obscene content is displayed on the application, It would be considered as the contempt of the court.

Most of the adults won’t still have the idea for the popularity of the tiktok, especially to those who don’t have kids at their homes. But tiktok now has become one of the most download applications in the whole world and most of its users are the teenagers. India is one of the biggest markets containing the most tiktok fans in the world.  Tiktok basically is a project of the acquisition of by ByteDance which is originally China-based.  During 2019, according to the statistics, Tiktok is the third most downloaded application after WhatsApp and messenger of facebook. You can also Buy Tiktok Fans for more interaction.

The statistical data were analyzed by the Sensor Tower and according to those analyses, tiktok on the global level is used by almost more than 1.1 billion users out of which most are the Indians.

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Tiktok is reminiscent of the social media application called Vine which was basically aimed to make a short video to make them viral.  This application basically allows the users to make and upload their videos which maximum could be 15 seconds long and these videos could be shared to any other platform if the user wants.  Tiktok supports the video only formats of the files however the users can follow other people and create their fan base. The video uploaded videos are basically lip-synced.

Though the application is accused to be one of the youngest users engaged applications and most of its users are girls.  Recently the application has been cited to be a spot for cyberbullying, sexual predators and hate speed also.

Majority of the tiktok fans fall under the age category of 16 – 24.

Other bans

With the ban of tiktok in India, there have been more bans to the applications in the technological space which includes the ban of game PUBG in several cities of India due to it being addictive and starting violence. Moreover the famous software platforms SourceForge and Github also have been banned in India recently due to some terrorist threats.

There was a statement given by the Internet and the Mobile association Indian which stated that the Court before banning Tiktok must have asked it to remove the offending content.