Skin Tones And How Glutathione Injections Help

Often the role of skin pigments and the effect that these have on skin tones are never truly understood.  People don’t fully understand the way pigments cause skin color and the need to have a lasting skin lightening experience by acting at the source of skin color, the melanin.  With Glutathione injections it is indeed possible to bring about changes in the levels of pigmentation and hence change the shade if not the skin color.

 glutathione injection     The various aspects to skin tone and the role of Glutathione injections

Firstly it has to be understood that the prime cause of skin hue or color is the melanin.  So any attempt at bringing about changes in the color of the skin must be attempted at this level the subcutaneous level.  The success that the new set of injections has brought about emphasis the importance of acting on the most prominent part of skin color, the melanin.

            Skin color: As said the primary color causing part of the skin is the melanin and it sits deep in the skin.  It is possible to change the tone of the melanin and thus the color or shade a person’s skin has by introducing chemicals that can change the melanin color.  This is what Glutathione primarily does.  There are instances when the shades of melanin have been caused to change by toxins and similar chemical constituents found in nature.

            Sun effect: There can be no disputing the role that the sun plays in formation of a person’s skin color.  The general shade that people have on their skin does have a good part to do with the amount of sunlight that the person gets to feel.  This is why sunnier climates have people with darker skin in order to keep protected the inner self of the person from harm’s way.  Excessive sunlight is indeed harmful and a deeper shade of melanin would help protect the skin by allowing lesser penetration to the light.

glutathione injection

            Cancer risk: It is an established fact that light skinned people are more at risk from cancer than darker ones. This is primarily due to the lack of enough melanin in the skin to afford a protection from the sun’s rays. Thus such people can resort to sun screens or a more permanent solution with Glutathione mediations.  It is best to be adaptive to conditions than to allow the conditions to get the better of the person.