Rights and obligations of real estate in a sale or rental and obligations of a real estate agent

The rights and obligations of real estate agents and the obligations of a real estate agent goes beyond “selling”. It seems that the only important thing is to close sales at any price. However, when a real estate agent decides to try his luck in the sector, he acquires a commitment to the excellence and responsibility of a professional agent, since he enters a tangled complex that has a different characteristic to everything they have sold until the moment: it is the most important investment in a person’s life.

From Capital Smart City location we fight every day so that sales professionals accept the challenge of the real estate sector with knowledge of cause and true passion. Today we want to make a break to list the most important points that the responsible and effective real estate agent must assume.

Obligations of a real estate agent

You can’t sell anything

The fluctuations of the market and an economic situation that accompanies us have made investing so much money in a house a kind of vacuum jump full of doubts and questions.

Do not let the urgency of selling anything at any price. The obligations of a real estate agent is to offer a home to a person. Many future things will depend on that decision, and agents must be aware.

Personal commitment of the real estate agent

When we use the phrase “it is taken as personal,” we are taking it for granted that this person will do everything necessary, beyond what is strictly professional. Because something personal is what directly affects us and so we do much more than what is expected of us.

This should be the commitment of a real estate agent with its clients. We should do much more than what is expected of us, because we know that it is not just any sale. In many cases it is something that will mark the fate of buyers or sellers in the coming years including all the property for sale. That is precisely why the agent is called to be more demanding in his work, giving everything he can of himself for the benefit of his clients.

Be a true leader

In Inmogesco, we are in constant contact with real estate agents. We have detected that in this environment, being a good real estate agent  is “selling a fridge to an Eskimo.” And it shouldn’t be like that. Being a leader of a work team that closes sales that fit the needs of the client should be the aspiration of any real estate agent.

Real Estate Agent Courses

To be a good leader and go far in this profession, it is necessary to be in continuous training. Our real estate blog is a good resource to be up to date on real estate sales techniques  and case studies of the best companies in the sector. However, it is not the only way. Recycling, real estate agent courses, and industry events, are other ways to commit to excellence.

The customer, the reason for being

We have spoken many times, and many of the real estate agents who have visited us have validated it, the client is the reason for being a real estate agent.

Focusing on your knowledge (developing a good  real estate website  from which to extract data) will give us the guideline to act honestly and succeed. You can conduct surveys, keep up with behavioral studies, use social networks … The possibilities are endless, they just need your commitment to the client.

Fiscal obligations

If you work as an independent real estate agent, you have to register as a freelancer and pay social security fees. You also have tax obligations as a real estate agent. You can meet them in this article .

Rights and obligations of  real estate in a sale or rental

As a real estate agent you have real estate obligations in a sale or rental. That is why you have the obligation to provide a good professional service, attend all requests during the commercialization of a property and advise your clients well, you also have the obligation to keep informed at all times of all the activities carried out on the property You also have real estate tax obligations.

In addition to formalizing the purchase-sale or rental contract, as an agent you must know the situation of the property, that is, if it has pending charges,

You have the right to receive a fee for the work done in case the sale is made. This should reflect you in the contract. You are also entitled to compensation in case the contract is breached.

In Inmogesco we strive to meet our customers. In line with this technical commitment, we launched the real estate blog that you now visit. If you want to help us in this beautiful task, we encourage you to subscribe.