Real Estate Sales Techniques: “The Questions That Sell

Knowing the techniques of real estate sales is not enough to succeed in this sector; you have to apply them and apply them well. We all know that knowledge that does not apply is wasted knowledge and we also know that it is not easy to get out of our comfort zone and do what we know we should do.

This article is to remind you what you already know and get a little to your conscience by telling you once again: plan and prepare your actions before carrying it out.

Do you have a meeting with a client to show you the property in let’s say Blue World City Islamabad ? Do not improvise. Get out of your comfort zone, sit for 30 minutes and prepare that meeting. Prepare several intelligent questions that help you give a better image to the client. And since we are sitting with a coffee, why not also prepare some “memorable” answers to frequently asked questions or questions that are sure to ask you about that property you are going to show?

Preparation is the safest way to impress your client while showing the property. The questions you ask your client during this first visit are the most important part of your presentation or argument for 2 reasons:

  1. – because they will give you informationabout your client that you need to know to help you buy by showing you the benefits of the property;
  2. – Because asking questions is the way in which a conversationis generated. If a pleasant conversation between the clients and you is not created during the visit, you will have lost the sale.

One of the real estate sales techniques that you must master is to ask your clients intelligent questions to obtain information and create a conversation.

By asking the right questions, in addition to the 2 previous advantages, you get your client to perceive you as a professional; you get to stand out from your competition with which he / she or they have already spoken and it is very likely that you will not lose these clients if in the end they are not interested in the property that you show them.

Real Estate Sales Techniques: What is a Smart Question?

An intelligent question is one that is easy to answer , that is not intrusive or uncomfortable to answer, does not request very personal data, is well exposed, (brief and clear) , helps to generate a conversation, provides you with valuable information and if possible is A question that pleases the customer.


These kinds of questions are always open questions. Open questions are designed to open a topic and explore new paths. They usually begin with “how,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “which,” or “who,” and cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.”

Open-ended questions are a way to establish harmony with your client and should be part of your argument. That is to say; While showing the property you must go asking certain intelligent questions by inserting them in your argument, to achieve the 2 previous objectives: valuable information and generate a conversation.

As you can see, these questions cannot be asked with improvisation. Obviously, some questions will become part of your repertoire, because you prepared them in their day, but you will always need to prepare before each meeting.

Create the habit of preparation and you will always find new questions to ask and you will improve the form of the questions you prepared in the past.

Some real estate agents believe that they dominate the techniques of real estate sales and that the reason why they do not close sales is in the current market situation or any other excuse; not in the way they sell. They do not want to recognize that their problem is improvisation.

It is of little use to know what to do, (what real estate sales techniques to apply) , if they are not implemented properly. Finding shortcuts that require minimal effort has never worked in real estate marketing. Applying any real estate sales strategy or technique effectively requires investing time and effort.

Real Estate Sales Techniques: Preparing Your Questions.

What questions should you ask your client? Many of them serve you for any client, but others will depend on the type of property and the situation . The information that you are most interested in knowing about your client is usually:

1.- Your maximum real purchase capacity. How much money can you invest in the purchase of a property?

2.- What do you think of the properties you have visited so far.

3.- What do you think of the service provided by other real estate agents.

4.- If you are looking for something specific in the property.

5.- If you prefer a certain area.

6.- If you have solved your mortgage loan.

7.- valuable information that you had not thought about.

Your questions should be aimed at pursuing this information, to use it in your favor in order to help them buy and not lose a potential customer who wants to buy now in your area.

I cannot tell you what questions to ask exactly without having a previous profile of the request for information that that client has made to you and of the property in which he is interested. What I can do is guide you on how to find the right questions and how to ask them. Let’s see the steps to follow:

1.- Visualize the situation . Think about the situation in which you are going to find yourself. For example, you are showing the kitchen, you know that the furniture is outdated and that it is likely that the customer wants to change them. This is the time to ask a question that cushioned the negative effect that the kitchen will produce.

When we ask open-ended questions, we will have a better idea of ​​what the customer is really looking for. Instead of asking the customer what type or size of kitchen you are looking for, ask how you will use your kitchen . Do they use it frequently and if they do, do they usually invite friends at least 1-2 times a month? This is a question that sells more real estate: knowing how the kitchen will be used.

A customer who loves to cook will probably be impressed with the chef’s kitchen, but the client who prefers to take home Chinese food will give more value to different characteristics in his new home.

Another open question that saves time and sells real estate is to know the use that will be given to the outdoor patio, garden or terrace of an apartment. The answer to this question will tell you on many occasions if the client is going to buy the property or not. This is not theory. They are tricks that one learns when he has shown and sold many properties.

2.- Write the question and then reformulate it until it is clear and intelligent.

3.- Write a second and a third question related to the first and that you could ask based on the answer you get from the 1st question.

4.- Memorize the 3 questions. Now look for other situations and start again until you have between 5 to 10 questions that cover the following topics: personal situation of the client; client’s financial situation; what the client expects from a new home and why he is interested in this area.

5.- Ask the questions correctly. Before asking your question, show a benefit of the property, show your agreement on something the client has said. For example, to know the budget, you can start your question with a benefit: “To be sure that we will work within your expectations, what budget order are you thinking about? “

6.- Ask your questions in the appropriate tone. The tone, intention and words with which a question is formulated will define whether the question will be answered honestly or not.

7.- Choose your words well. Your question must be formulated clearly grammatically, must be brief and must be direct.

Remember that the quality of your questions and not the quantity is what will generate a productive conversation and those that will obtain sincere answers full of information. When you ask your questions, also remember that the tone and the moment you ask them is more important than the content of the question.

Real Estate Sales Techniques: Question and Listen.

Some real estate agents fail to not know exactly what to ask, while others ask the right questions but don’t listen. The essence of the seller is to identify opportunities based on what is relevant to the customer and what they need, in order to focus their presentation, arguments and focus on the aspects of the property that matter to the customer.  Keep in mind that important questions are rarely asked by customers, because they are unaware of many aspects of the sale of real estate. It is you who must ask these questions so that the client can visualize that the value of the property is higher than its price.

Listen well to your customers’ answers and keep in mind the questions that they don’t ask you to answer them. For example, “By the way, an issue that I think is important is …”

If you want customers to give you the task of helping them find the property for sale they need when they are not interested in the property you show them, learn to ask open-ended questions. And prepare yourself these open questions well.

The questions you ask will always tell the client what kind of real estate professional you are. This is one of the best real estate sales techniques.

I would appreciate your leaving us a comment on this article. Is there a question you think is essential to ask all customers? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.