Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that can lead to a number of health benefits. In order to prevent any health hazards from happening amongst people, a process called radon mitigation is done to reduce the levels of radon in the environment.


Radon Testing

Before conducting the process of radon mitigation, make sure that radon testing is done, which helps to indicate the levels of radon gas in the affected area. For radon testing Radon system installation is done. The machine is fixed on the first floor of the building or a house. An alarm is set which is designed to go off when the levels of radon gas reach its maximum. The process takes time to indicate the levels of radon gas. The machine absorbs the radon gas and when it reaches maximum the alarm goes off.

Through this process, we get to know how the process of radon mitigation needs to be conducted.


Installation Process

Radon system installation  requires a lot of work but it can be done in a very less time if you know how to properly install it and fix it. There are a number of websites over the net which can help you and give you proper training of installing a radon system with a proper tutorial video that explains each and every step in detail. Following are the steps involved in installing a radon system:

  • Mark the locations of the hole for the PVC vent pipes on the floor to make the job easy
  • The second step involves drilling several holes around the hole of the pipe with the help of a hammer
  • Now use the demolition hammer to make the holes where ever you marked them
  • Before proceeding further clean all the dirt in the whole for accuracy of the procedure
  • Create a 20-inch deep hole by cleaning the holes with your finger properly
  • From the basement floor to the attic, set a route the pipe using the holes
  • Seal the empty spaces after passing the pipe through them using cement
  • When the pipe reaches the attic make sure to attach one of the ends to a ceiling fan or any electrical fan in the attic
  • In the end, attach the monitor in the basement by drilling a one-inch hole in the floor

And this is how the Radon system installation is done.


However, you can always consult the companies dealing with the attachment of the radon system installation. Other than this you can also buy machines from a company and request them to install it for you.

A radon system should be installed in every house and building in order to protect people from any dangerous health effects or getting the area radon tested every month to make sure that there is no radon or traces of radon present in the environment. However, if even a little amount of radon gas is detected it is important to get radon mitigation done to prevent any further emergencies from happening in the surroundings.