Radon mitigation system- Fixing your problems


We are working for many years to sort out your problems. Radon gas is very harmful if we inhale it for a long time, therefore it needs to be removed from your homes. We offer our best workers to solve your problem.

We provide the best services to install the radon mitigation system under the rules and regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Radon gas affects many people in the whole world every year. It can cause serious health issues such as lung cancer.

We offer different types of Radon Mitigation System such as drain tile suction, sump hole suction block wall suction and crawl space ventilation. However, which one is suitable for your house our workers decide it after the visual inspection of your homes.

It depends on the location and condition of the place. If you are facing this problem then you do not need to worry about anything because we can manage your problem as soon as possible.

Steps to install a radon mitigation system

Radon mitigation system is very helpful to reduce the level of radon gas from your homes. We offer this service in your homes and hospitals. There are three basic steps to install it such as drilling, piping assembly and fan installation.


Drilling is the first step in the installation of a radon mitigation system. It helps in the removal of radon gas from your homes. Drilling is done after the visual inspection of our team workers. It is a time-taking process. It is done with the help of mechanical drill bits and a hole is made for removal. After drilling hole is covered with the help of glue material so it can protect the leakage of radon gas.

Piping assembly

It is an indoor assembly. It helps to reduce the level of radon gas from your home to outside. The size of the pipe is very important and it depends on the amount of radon gas. Pipes available in different diameters but the whole assembly is designed with the same diameters of pipes. Piping assembly is installed at the proper position in your house.

Fan installation

It is the final step in the installation of the radon mitigation system. The basic purpose of the fan is to remove the trapped air from the house to outside because it is very dangerous for health. After the installation of the fan, the outdoor piping assembly is inserted vertically upward to remove the radon gas.

We provide our best services to sort out your problems. We also provide fan-casing services. We provide you complete guarantee about the casing in every climate condition. This casing consists of flanges for the tightening of screws and it has a black metallic plate, which is directly attached to the wall. We provide testing services to check out the level of radon gas. The testing kit is also placed in the basement to record the levels of radon gas. After testing samples are sent to the lab via specimen to know the level of radon gas.