Common Questions Every Utility Kilt Wearer Asks

modern utility kilts

A kilt is a type of traditional clothing that is must worn by men in the Scottish and Irish regions. But as the world is progressing every second so is the kilt manufacturing techniques and industries. Nowadays, you can find modern utility kilts in many different shapes and sizes and they are also available for both males and females.


If you are just starting out with kilts or as I like to say a novice kilt wearer then I’m sure that you might have some questions about Utility kilts. Well, if you weren’t thinking about that then why’d you be on this page in the first place. SO, let’s cut to the chase and get to the point.


Common & Frequently Asked Questions About Utility Kilts

Here I have listed some of the commonly asked questions related to Utility kilts for you.

Q: 1 What to wear with a utility kilt?


Well, it basically depends upon the occasion and weather. If the occasion is formal then go with a Ghillie shirt or else wear a simple collarless t-shirt.


Q: 2 What kind of shoes to wear with a utility kilt?


You can pick any shoes you want because that’s the great thing about utility kilts, they look good no matter what type of shoes you wear with it. But if you would like to know my preference then I would suggest you to go with usual Scottish kilt shoes known as brogues.


Q: 3 Are utility kilts shorter than traditional kilt?


Utility kilts are available in various sizes and shapes. A common utility kilt barely touches the middle of a knee cap. However, these type of kilts are completely customizable down to the last button of the kilt.


Q: 4 Can a utility modern kilt be worn at work?


Yes, you can wear your utility to your work place but make sure that there isn’t strong dress code policy at your office. I’ve heard many people that they wore their kilts to their workplace and they received nothing but endless compliments from women mostly.


A utility kilt is a great piece of garment that not only looks good but also offers tremendous health benefits. Back in the day, only people of Scottish descent used to wear kilts but nowadays everyone who likes them wears them. I hope that all your kilt questions have been answered properly. However, if you would like to know anything else about kilts then make sure to post your questions in the comments section.