Extended Frock with Lehenga Wedding Thoughts

ideas by gul ahmed



A lot of women look for exceptional wedding dresses style so that they would look different in these wedding attires. But in between so much variety it is not easy to choose a really wedding apparel. Thus, Nameera by Farooq now decided to let you know to design in your wedding about some 5 wedding dress ideas that were cool. You will certainly like those wedding apparel ideas and might select one.

Nameera by Farooq is essentially an online shop that sells beautiful Indian and Pakistani dresses to the desi people living in the overseas nations. As we operate electronically therefore shopping is simple via Nameera from Farooq in western countries like USA and England etc.. Today in this website we’ll concentrate on women that are desi’s 5 wedding gown suggestions for their apparel that they look great and can wear ideas by gul ahmed.

Extended Frock with Lehenga:


It’s both literary and Indian wedding dress of women. Frock with lehenga is a great wedding gown notion. This wedding apparel that is trendy is a great selection for the men and women who wish to wear wedding attires that are exceptionally heavy .

Extended Shirt with Lehenga:

Wedding Dress Ideas Long Shirt with Lehenga

It is a long shirt with lehenga that is another cool wedding gown in the list of 5 cool wedding gown ideas to design on your wedding. This dress also includes two duppattas which is a exceptional style.

Lehenga Choli:

Wedding Dress Suggestions Lehenga Choli

It is an Indian wedding gown of the women but most Pakistani girls also wear today lehenga choli because the wedding dresses. Lehenga choli is a standard wedding attire of the desi girls which looks cool when worn.

Gown fashion dress is another fantastic idea for those desi wedding dresses. It is a very long shirt with lehenga that is another aesthetic wedding dress. In the list of 5 trendy wedding gown ideas to design in your wedding, this is one of the trendy wedding apparels of those desi women which they may wear on their wedding day and look totally dope.

Wedding Dress Ideas Anarkali Style Frock

It’s an anarkali fashion frock that’s also a good idea for wedding attire. This wedding attire of the girls is quite cool plus. In this kind of the wedding dress, the bride feels easy. You can even wear this type of the wedding gown.

Nameera by Farooq has given you five cool ideas for your wedding gown so you can use those thoughts and design your apparel as per that idea. Moreover, Nameera by Farooq aims to give ease to the people out there and that is why we chose to provide ideas to them to some dope . Our services can be used by you as well in the event that you would like a wedding attire that is cool and lovely. So that you may trust us in this 18, We’ll design your wedding gown ad per your needs.

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