How to fix QuickBooks overflow error in QuickBooks Desktop 

QuickBooks Desktop is one of the best accounting software. And it is one a one-time purchase bookkeeping software solution. When you install QB in your system, then you can use QB for the small & medium-sized business. Here you will know how to overflow the error occurs in QuickBooks support phone. There are a few causes behind this error, why it pops up on the user’s computer screen while the user does work on business reports & data files. You should read this complete article to get important information about QuickBooks overflow error. And stay with the Intuit accredited support executive’s team to get better info.

What is QB Overflow error in QB desktop?

That is a distinct kind of data error in which all area units together with each other across the boundaries of a particular area. Here are remarkable common problems where you may have overflow error in QB desktop.

  • When you open ay report & that time, one and more area of any column display the overflow text.
  • Also, the overflow error occurs, when you are running the verify data utility. You will get the error message in a different form. For example- when your more accounts have exceeded with the maximum value allowed. When you one and more balance sheet appears to overflow into the place of an amount.

Let’s know about the causes of QB desktop overflow error

  • When the company account balance & another field is greater than $9,999,999,999,999,99. That means it is the cause of overflow error.
  • When the company data files are corrupted with the transaction data.
  • Let’s say you have made a large number of conversions in a large amount on the group item. The overflow error group may have appeared next to the component item.
  • When the Inventory items value is larger than the number of products Such as the sum of 1 and the value of 18 million dollars.
  • Generally, the case of the format for overflow errors. e.g. the format you’re copying from the Excel spreadsheets, in some cases, it does not match the format which is accepted by QB.

Follow the given below methods to fix QuickBooks Overflow Error

When you get the overflow error, the first question comes in your mind how you can rebuild the data files. So here you do not need to worry more just perform the below steps carefully for fixing overflow error.

Method 1-

  • First of all, you need to go to the file menu, and tap on the utilities >Rebuilt data.
  • Then, tap on OK when you received the warning message to back up the company data file to protect the data files.
  • Now, tap on OK if you receive the message rebuilt is complete.

When you have the format problem, then you should export the files in the Microsoft Excel for finding the overflow.


Method 2-

  • Overflow lines cannot be displayed on the report, in case of mismatch in the format. Then you should display columns by year and month.
  • Now you need to export the lists in the desktop.
  • Also, you should minimize your QB accounting software.
  • Then click right on the export file & select open with > Microsoft Excel.
  • Now, you need to press the Ctrl plus F key on your keyboard.
  • Then you have to enter “Overflow” & tap on find next option.
  • Again switch back in QB & correct the data for the field with the Account, item, and name which are contained in QB.
  • Again come back in excel & continue the process till there are no other results.

Hope, this given information would be quite helpful for you to get information about QuickBooks Overflow error in QB desktop. If you want more info, then contact quickbooks support phone number intuit. The Intuit certified support team will offer you more reliable information in a proficient manner.


Here you will know what id QB overflow, and what are the causes of QuickBooks Overflow error. And why you get this error while using QB. what are the methods to fix the overflow error in QB desktop?