Upright Vacuum – 2020 Buying, Ranking and Testing Guide

eureka upright vacum

The English are used to saying “Home sweet home”. But to realize all the happiness of being at home, it is essential to take care of your home. Hence the need to make your house clean and tidy. To carry out this task, you will have the choice between conventional canister vacuums and brooms. And for those who want to bring the two together, there’s the upright vacuum. Unfortunately, this solution is not yet very popular with French households. However, it is enormously popular with our friends the Americans. And it is not without reason. It is much faster and much more efficient than a conventional broom, but much less bulky than a vacuum cleaner. To find the ideal model, you will have the choice between several products and brands. Dyson V8 Absolute stands out for its great performance, in particular its suction power to clean your floor perfectly and the Rowenta RH8828WO for its exceptional maneuverability.

How to choose a good upright vacuum cleaner?

A vertical vacuum cleaner is an accessory that will allow you to do small and large cleanings in your home. Given the abundance of product on the market, it may be difficult to answer the question: how to buy a vertical vacuum cleaner with better value for money? Find out our answers to this question eureka upright vacum.

Purchase guide

Engine power

Knowing where to buy a new upright vacuum is not given to all users. However, to find the model that best meets your expectations and needs, you can set up a filter to recognize good and bad products. Any buying guide for the best upright vacuums will tell you that it is therefore essential to choose this robot according to the power of its motor.


Generally, to know this information, you can do without the figure given in Watt on the device. This figure allows you, among other things, to have a precise idea of ​​the suction efficiency of the chosen device. So the greater the power, the greater the ability to suck. And as this is the very purpose of a vacuum cleaner, you should not be intransigent on this point.eureka upright vacum

The presence of a power variator is also a guarantee of the quality of the equipment. This type of component makes it easy to adjust the suction force. For example, you can switch to energy saving mode where the suction is lower and consumption is reduced to a minimum while increasing autonomy. You will also find on the market models with two speeds to adapt to the surface you want to clean. The speed will not be the same on a carpet and on a tile.

Convenience of use

What makes the upright vacuum model top of a price comparison is its maneuverability. It is therefore easy to understand that the best model is one that combines practicality and efficiency. Therefore, before checking out or placing an order it is essential to make sure that the device is a wireless model.


Also take a moment to measure that it is quite light. The ideal is to turn to brooms that weigh between 2 and 4 kg. Although the weight of some quality models is above this threshold, you may tire quickly during cleaning. Even if these are much more effective than others. Also remember to choose models with an adjustable height sleeve.


Most of the stick vacuums that are sold on the market are cordless models that operate on a battery. Our advice on choosing the best of them focuses on collecting information related to the duration of use. Generally, the brooms work between 20 and 50 minutes.

So give autonomy an important place in the selection criteria. If you need to maintain a large area, choose a device with a long battery life.

You should also understand that the models with the shortest cooldown are ideal for busy users or those who do not want to wait too long before they can easily use the vacuum cleaner. Even if Li-Ion batteries are more expensive, with them you can benefit from a minimum recharge time and good autonomy.