Electric VS Manual Shavers for Hair Trim

Pros and cons electric razors vs manual razors

Since ancient times men are shaving their hair. In those times they used bronze or obsidian tools to shave their hair. Evidence suggests that stones were sharpened in order for men to shave. You can find the history of shaving very interesting.

In modern times there are thousands of options available for shaving there are so many options that a whole lane in a supermarket is dedicated to shaving products.

But if there are so many options then a question arises. Which is the best method to shave? Is it better to use electric shavers or manual? What type of razor you should use? Singe edge or double edge.

In today’s article, we will break down the pros and cons of every type of shaving option known to men.

To be very honest choosing your best shaving method depends on many things which include your skin type your shaving technique and your lifestyle. You may have sensitive skin that may be prone to irritation.

You may have thick hair which will be more suited for a manual type of shave.

Pros of Electric Razor

If you are looking for a faster way to shave, then an electric razor is your best friend. It is way faster than the manual way of shaving. Shaving with a manual razor requires the hair on your skin to be wet.

Shaving with an electric razor makes the long regress process of shaving much easy and faster.

No doubt these electric razors are heavier than manual razors but they are very portable. These razors can be used anywhere because of there in build battery. If you are on the go you can use electric razors.

You don’t have to look for water or shaving cream. You just need to press a button and your shaving needs will be fulfilled.

The main and most liked feature about electric razors is that you do not need any type of cream, gel, water in order to shave.

Electric razors bring versatility with them, these razors work excellent when you use them to trim beard, mustache, or sideburns. in manual shaving, there is no option for trimming.

In the manual shaving method, you cannot cut your hair to your desired length but with an electric razor, the possibilities are endless.

Shaving with these electric razors also saves you from cuts and nicks, because your skin never comes in contact with the blades of the razor.

Cons of Electric Razor

As there are many pros of using an electric razor, there are cons as well. If you are looking for a close shave, then you are not going to get it by using an electric razor. If you have heavy facial hair, then you may need to shave more often than usual.

Many People thinks that using electric razor takes practice. Although using electric razors is considered safer, but many older adults believe that using electric razors may lead to irritation.

Due to the technological advisements electric razors now can be used in wet conditions, but still, If you want to use them while showering then you better give it another thought.

Electric razors are very loud as compared to manual shaving and also these razors require extra care to maintain. These razors are not disposable so they require extra care for maintenance.

These razors are more expensive than manual razors.

Pros of Manual Razor 

If you are looking for a closer shave that lasts for a longer period, then manual razors are for you. because of their ease of use, these razors are the first shaving equipment a man can have.

Blades are not expensive and very easy to replace but over time their cost can add up, these razors are easy to clean and are very portable.

Cons of Manual Razor

Shaving with a manual razor takes way longer because of the added applications of grooming products such as cream of aftershave

The ballades of manual razors get dull very easily only after one or two shaves you are forced to replace them with a new one. Shaving with a manual razor increases your chances to gets cuts and nicks.

You may need to go through the same area several times to get a clean shave. Manual razors lack versatility, they can be very painful and hard to use if they are used without water.

Pros of Double Edge Razor

These razors are the cheapest method as they cost only a fraction of the cost as compared to electric razors. Since it has only one blade it can be safe to use around sensitive parts of your body.

Cons of Double Edge Razor

It takes longs to use as it has only one blade. These razors don’t provide smooth clean shave for men, especially for men which have heavy facial hair.


As discussed previously the method of shaving depends upon your skin type and preference. This article will help you decide which method is best suited for you. Before using an electric shaver, you should also know the difference between a hair trimmer and a beard trimmer.