How to Choose a flat iron in the USA?

How to Choose a Flat Iron:

There are literally thousands of brands that make and sell hair straighteners, among these brands how do you know which brand is best. Which brand makes the perfect hair straightener?

Choosing the best hair straightener can be a hectic task because you are going to buy only one of these, and if that one is not up to the mark then your money is going to waste.

Your hair type makes all the difference in the world. While choosing a flat iron for yourself you must think of your hair type, are they rough and stubborn or are they silky and delicate?

This is the biggest reason people may ask this question how to choose the best hair straightener for them.

After many discussions with hair experts and professionals, we have chosen some of the most effective tips that will help you make a decision. After reading this article you can easily find which hair straightener is perfect for you. Also, have a look at silk press iron for black hair in the USA.

Factors That Affect your Choice

Many factors should be taken under consideration when buying flat iron. These factors include your hair type, style, the material of the product, heat setting, cord rotation, round or straight plates, heat dissipation technology. All these factors should be under consideration when choosing the right flat iron.

This article is a comprehensive guide that will help you make the right decision. When you go to the market too but a flat iron, you will definitely go for the one which has the latest technology, but at the same time retain heat for a long time.

The flat iron should also suit your hair type. In a nutshell, we have mentioned several factors that play a crucial role in choosing the best hair straightener.

Qualities of good hair straighteners

First and foremost a good hair straightener should be able to heat up pretty quickly and should retain that heat for a long time. Changing the temperature should be easy as well. It should be lightweight so while styling it can be easily held in your hand.

A good hair straightener should have a long 360-degree rotatable cord. Its plates should be durable. Its result should be long lasting. A hair straighter that is good should be safe and not be able to damage your hair.

Hair Type

It is of utmost importance that you chose a hair straightener according to hair type. If you neglect this factor then you will have to face serious consequences. Following are the type of hair types that we come across during our research.

Curly, Long, Thick, Hard.

The following types of hair are the most difficult ones to handle. We can say with the guaranty that you must have tried a lot of hair straighteners in the past but none of them were able to style your hair as you wanted.

This usually happens because your thick stubborn hair requires high heat to style. Most of the hair experts we talked to, recommended 450 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to make curls.

This hair type titanium flat iron is perfect for the job because these titanium flat irons heat up very quickly and retain that heat for a longer period.

Normal or wavy Hair

Just because you have normal or wavy hair does not mean that you should not care about the type of flat iron used on your hair. Sure these types of hair can take a bit of beating but you should take care of them as they can get damaged too.

For this hair type, we recommend using a ceramic flat iron as this type of flat iron takes a bit longer to heat up but it is very safe to use. It is perfect for this hair type. A ceramic flat iron can easily go up to 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fine or Delicate Hair Type

Fine or delicate hair types require a lot of attention. If they are not handled with care you can expect them to get damaged very easily. High heat is your worst enemy it can burn your hair.

For this hair type ceramic and ionic are best suited for you. This type of flat iron heat up gradually and they are easy to use. Ceramic flat irons are somewhat safe.


in this article, we have discussed many types of hairs and which flat iron will work best on them. After reading this article you should by now have a general idea of which type of hair straightener is best suited for your hair type.

You should always keep in mind that personal preference also plays an important part in choosing the best hair straightener. You can rest assure that the hair straightener that we mention here are easily available in the market.

You don’t need to search for them. These hair straighteners can also be ordered on the internet, giving you much-needed peace of mind.  Also, just have research about your hair type, before finalizing a tool for your needs.