WordPress Hosts That Provide Free SSL Certificates

Many dedicated WordPress hosts also offer a free SSL certificate. Starting up a website involves a lot of costs that individuals don’t think about. In a bid to save a little cash, some owners may forgo the SSL entirely. That tends to lead to a plethora of security issues as you can probably guess. Not just for yourself but for the customers. The non-profit set out to make the Net a safer place. It gained support from some significant tech companies.

Nowadays, it is not unusual to visit WordPress hosting provider offering a free Let’s Encrypt cheap ssl certificate uk with their plans. It. Depending on the company, it might be offered during your first term or throughout the length of service. Whatever the case ma

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y be, the supplier makes is easier to make the most of what the certification has to offer.

Usually, installing an SSL certificate isn’t something your average Internet user may perform. It requires a little coding knowledge. Also, adjustments must be made by you . WordPress look after all that for you. It includes your hosting account, when you purchase a plan with a SSL cert and can be installed inside the provider’s control panel.

Check the following WordPress providers offering a free SSL certificate. They take all of the hassle out of making your site safe and secure for browsing.


Bluehost offers a variety of WordPress hosting plans to suit anybody’s needs. They cost only a few bucks per month. Despite the prices that are low, the plans come with domain that is free and a free SSL certificate . The SSL certificate includes all the plans. Bluehost will take good care of software upgrades to ensure that all safety attributes are current, Since the programs are handled.


Currently, all HostGator’s WordPress hosting plans

 also come with a free SSL certificate. Most browsers gives industry-standard protection and recognize it. The thing about HostGator is you could easily upgrade your certificate for something much more robust if you require it. The premium certificates come with domain limitations that are higher, warranties, and much more.


SiteGround is just another heavy-hitter in the industry. Like its competitors, SiteGround provides a SSL certificate with every single WordPress Hosting program. It is a normal Let’s Encrypt certificate that provides ample protection from dangers. It can be installed and configured inside cPanel for flexibility.


DreamHost might be a well-known hosting supplier. The business was making a splash for all the great features they are offering. A Let’s Encrypt SSL certification is included with every single one of the organization’s plans. Currently, they offer everything from hosting plans. It offers levels of protection however although you are able to upgrade to a SSL certificate.


WPEngine is a hosting provider that has been purpose-built to work alongside the WordPress platform. The hosting plans are managed for simplicity. 1 aspect that installed is the Encrypt SSL certification of that the Let. It includes every program and could be enabled in only a couple of minutes.

InMotion Hosting offers a unique alternative to the normal Let’s Encrypt certification. The business contains a free AutoSSL certification with every account. Basically, a SLL certification that is free will be installed by the AutoSSL on every domain which doesn’t have one. Like many providers, you do have the option to choose. Enabling the certificate is fairly easy.

Liquid Web

LiquidWeb provides several different hosting options too. The hosting plans are best for people who desire a hassle-free hosting encounter. The company will take care of all the details. Updates to the WordPress system are done. There’s also a free SSL certificate.

Known for the environmentally conscious approach to web hosting, GreenGeeks is an superb alternative for virtually any site. Along with supplying some excellent hosting features, there is a free SSL certificate added also. It’s possible to permit the certificate inside the account settings window that is principal. Just visit the”Security” menu, then click on”SSL Certificates” and insert your free product.