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Is a piece of fabric also is common among all Arab States, formed gown to be suitable for the form of Arab Muslim women to cover the wear of ordinary arabian gown, also is made up of a long-sleeved black blouse covering all areas of the body except the face and hands and feet, Some historians feel that the origin of this dress as well as the date of its origin has been four thousand years before, especially in Mesopotamia, Iraq, and a number of them believe that it existed at the time of their entry of Islam

It was not possible to wear apparel because of Their inability to purchase them, but today most girls and women wear gown to provide all classes of society with them and the dresses are now different from what it had been in early times in its various styles and colours. It’s Named Gown at the country of Malaysia and Afghanistan

Arab Gowns

By Way of Example, Egypt is distinguished by being and Covers in complete with veils. It is loose, doesn’t cure the body, and is not thin. It is excellent materials such as lace and silk, worn by women in a variety of fields. Life is like work, research, and even various events like weddings and holidays

The Report concludes that Egypt gown deal with all these Factories and extend the produce of materials, shapes and sorts in all seasons.

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The Fabrics In Egypt of the Gown

There are Abays’s fabric In Egypt which specialized in Creating Gown Styles and layouts.

The black is the foundation in Egyptian abaya’s design list.

You would prefer to rely on lighter fabrics if You’re going to adopt this colour throughout the day and break the color in other colours should you wear Egyptian abaya in an open fashion, like the red dress with the black Egyptian abaya out of Foolhardy Abaya,, And coordinated with her sandals open beige or made of wicker, along with a black veil

But if you prefer to use the Egyptian abaya closed, then apply more designs, such as Metallic Silvers on the abaya edge of the front in the Plan, Jilbab Nr Gelbabnr, nor worry about Metallic in the day, as long as It Isn’t excessive, is allowed all the time, especially And it is a common occurrence this year

We can’t talk about the Egyptian casual abaya’s colours without mentioning the color. It will occupy the top of the listing, such as the design of the Fashion Arabian Show, the Arabian Shaw, using the sleeves and the veil, with light materials Acceptable for your summer heat

Rely on them in the morning, or if visiting the sea

The Egyptian Abaya Show features Abaya Shaw with materials for your 20’s and 30’s, which matches any shoes or the sandal that you want to highlight. You are given the elegance of your sneakers by the Brief design of this Egyptian Abaya